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NEW Astaxanthin Treatments

Experience a new way to do skincare

The secret solution to renewed radiance is powered by advanced science and research. AstaReal®* (astaxanthin) works synergistically with a unique blend of lipids and algae polysaccharides to penetrate the skin to help improve hydration, provide advanced antioxidant protection and help maintain and renew the skin's texture and complexion.

Lumière de Vie Renewal Gelée

Renewal Gelée is delivered in a unique, jelly-like texture, this cutting-edge formula glides across skin effortlessly, allowing the skin to quickly absorb all the benefits this treatment has to offer.

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Renewal Hand & Body Crème

Renewal Hand & Body Crème is enriched with not only astaxanthin, but also contains shea butter and hyaluronic acid to intensely moisturise, hydrate and bring radiance to the skin.

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