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Thousands of Beauty Advisors worldwide have achieved financial freedom with Motives Cosmetics, and so can you! As an industry leader known for its versatile and extensive product collection, Motives Cosmetics is thoughtfully developed with every woman and budget in mind. With innovative marketing tools and a comprehensive training program, you will be one step closer to achieving your dreams as an entrepreneur.

Highlighted below are just a few of the many success stories from women just like you.

Meet Shirley Yiu - Formerly a Clinical Research Analyst at a Mental Health Hospital, turned Beauty Advisor. What attracted her to the brand and business was the fact that without any formal education or experience in the beauty industry, she could leverage the education and on-going support offered through our Motives platform to achieve financial success. She shared “ The skills and confidence I have gained from this platform has not only allowed me to leave my corporate job to pursue what I’m most passionate about: beauty and education, but it has equipped me with experience and knowledge that I’ve applied outside of the business in many important areas of my life. Such as relationship building, empowerment, attracting the right people and the ability to create my own circumstances. We are such a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life with one common goal and vision. It doesn’t get more powerful than that!” As a Senior Master Coordinator with Motives, Shirley earns $3,000- $4,500 in commissions alone in a 4 week period! She is a Motives Certified Trainer and loves having the ability to positively influence others with her passion and knowledge.

Meet Vershante! An Esthetician, Makeup Artist, & Instructor. Her mission is to transform and empower others to look and feel like the best version of themselves. What Vershante loves about Motives, is that as she dreams up new ideas for her business, there is always something the company offers that supports her evolution. As a result of her hard work in prioritizing her personal and professional development, she's been able to design a lifestyle where her work feels more like play! From her trip to Vegas to celebrate her birthday, to Jet Setting to Miami to attend our World Conference, Vershante is living life on her own terms and loving every minute. Perhaps the best part is that she's bringing a team of powerful women with her so that they can grow together! Life so much better when we experience it with those who add value to our life.

Meet Amber & Frank Lopez, two true powerhouse entrepreneurs! Both were traditional business owners and in a short time, as part of the Motives team, they have been able to sell their salon and spa and now spend as much time as they want with their two young, beautiful children. Amber has proven to be an inspiration, as she was recognized at our annual International Convention as Beauty Advisor of the Year in 2019, which was only a year after she partnered with our company. She is also a Motives Certified Trainer. The business behind Motives has provided them with the platform and support to truly live their life by design. They travel the world as a family, expanding their business on the go, and making memories along the way. “We can work literally from anywhere while building ongoing income. After years of directly exchanging our time for money, nothing is better and more freeing! You only get one life and we are living our best life thanks to Motives!”.

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Your life, the way you want it. With Motives cosmetics, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself. We will be there to support and guide you every step of the way.